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Temporary Lay-offs: What Employees Need to Know

Temporary Lay-offs
Various industries in Canada are now feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with significant disruptions to business operations. At present many employers have started to temporarily lay-off their employees to cope with the impacts of the novel virus. This post serves to inform you better as to what a temporary lay-off is, and what your rights are under these circumstances.In Alberta, temporary lay-offs are governed by the Employment Standards Code, which defines the temporary lay-off procedure as well as its length. During this temporary lay-off, although employees are not entitled to pay, their employment remains preserved. As a result of the pandemic, on April 6, 2020, the Alberta government extended the period for temporary lay-offs from 60 days to 120 days, retroactive to March 17, 2020, so that employees remain attached to a job longer. If employees are temporarily laid off for more than 120 days, they are deemed to...
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COVID-19 and Employment Law - What You Should Know as an Employer

Employment Law What you should know as an employer
  In these times of pandemic, there are numerous pressing considerations that employers will have to handle on a day to day basis.  This article will highlight some of the major concerns of employers.  But as with all matters, you should consult with your legal counsel regarding the particulars of your situation.  Some of the highlights of this article include:What obligations does an employer have to its employees?Can an employer terminate its employees? Or put them on layoff status?Can an employer force its employees to work? Or stay home from work?Do employers have to pay for temporary layoffs?What rights do employees have to refuse to work on a particular project?What will the employer have to pay an employee who is terminated (or deemed to be terminated) under the Employment Standards Code?Generally speaking, an employment contract is an agreement where an employee agrees to do X work for Y pay.  If the employer...
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When Can I Be Arrested?

When can someone be arrested Criminal Law
You may have wondered on occasion about when the police are authorized to arrest someone. I bet, for example, when you see activist movements like Black Lives Matter in the United States protesting against police brutality and high-handedness, your mind has been drawn to the topic. I want to provide you with a very brief synopsis of the law as an education. Maybe it will be an elective education because you’re naturally interested in the topic, or perhaps it’s compulsory because you have been arrested or someone you know has been arrested. You will want to know whether the police acted appropriately. Let me walk you through it. First of all, the police have complete authority to arrest you if they have a warrant. A warrant is a formal order the police receive from a Judge or Justice of the Peace, which authorizes them to arrest you. There are a variety of reasons...
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